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Latest update : 17 June 2022.

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  • Amos Professional Unity and Classics extensions

    17 June 2022, by AmiDARK

    Dear Amos Professional Unity friends, I said in the past that old Amos Professional 2.0 extensions were not compatible with Amos Professional Unity.
    In fact, after some testing, I can tell that I’m happy to announce that it is partially wrong.
    In fact, all extensions that uses the internal Amos Professional 2.0 structure are not compatible with Amos Professional Unity. It is especially true concerning extensiosn that uses graphics like PowerBobs and turbo ones. If some extensions makes Amos (...)

  • Amos Profesional Unity & Grimoire Project

    18 April 2022, by AmiDARK

    Dear Amos Professional Unity friends,
    few times ago, I shared the news that I’m working on a new project. In fact, this new project is not as new as it may appear. It’s a project I’m working for some time now. I just did kept it secret until now.
    This new project titled "Grimoire - The Amiga Book of Magic" is an ambitious project whose objective is to provide a software development solution for Amiga computers which is at the same time unique, innovative, educational, scalable, and which is (...)

  • Amos Professional Unity (X2 Version) Homepage

    2 February 2022, by AmiDARK

    Welcome to the Amos Professional Unity official home __________________________________________________________________________________
    Some important informations.
    This website is dedicaced to the project "AMOS Professional Unity". This project is based on the François Lionet’s "AMOS Professional Official" source code (available here : and released under the MIT Licence ).
    Administrer of the AMOS Professional Official source code (...)

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