Amos Professional Unity and Classics extensions

Friday 17 June 2022, by AmiDARK // Amos Professional Unity (X2 Version)

Dear Amos Professional Unity friends, I said in the past that old Amos Professional 2.0 extensions were not compatible with Amos Professional Unity.
In fact, after some testing, I can tell that I’m happy to announce that it is partially wrong.
In fact, all extensions that uses the internal Amos Professional 2.0 structure are not compatible with Amos Professional Unity. It is especially true concerning extensiosn that uses graphics like PowerBobs and turbo ones. If some extensions makes Amos Professional Unity crash at startup, some not. But their instructions/commands remains incompatible.

I will try to start check some extensions to see if they are compatible. I can tell, for example, that the ercole extension is compatible with Amos Professional Unity. The EasyLife is partially compatible (Font commands crashs).

I will try to test some extensions and release, as soon as possible a compatibility list (full, partial, none).


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