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Amos Profesional Unity & Grimoire Project

Monday 18 April 2022, by AmiDARK

Dear Amos Professional Unity friends,

few times ago, I shared the news that I’m working on a new project. In fact, this new project is not as new as it may appear. It’s a project I’m working for some time now. I just did kept it secret until now.

This new project titled "Grimoire - The Amiga Book of Magic" is an ambitious project whose objective is to provide a software development solution for Amiga computers which is at the same time unique, innovative, educational, scalable, and which is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

But this project, the "Grimoire Project" is, in some part, linked with my other project "Amos Professional Unity". In fact, I plan to add Vampire SAGA gfx/audio support to Amos Professional Unity but, before doing this, I will firstly create these suppot in "Grimoire". Once it will be done in Grimoire, I will adapt these capabilities in the Amos Professional Unity plugin system. The objectives are simple :

  • Make Grimoire be the 1st to support the Vampire SAGA gfx & audio chipset
  • Import the Grimoire Vampire SAGA gfx & audio chipset into Amos Professional Unity as plugin
  • make the source code for the Vampire SAGA gfx & audio chipset not be an Amos Professional component but an extension so it is not inside the main Amos Professional Unity source code, allowing me to push the extension as Shareware if I want (and makes it remain cosed source when Amos Professional Unity source code will be released later to protect my personal work on Amos Professional Unity project).

I wizh you’ll like the fact that SAGA gfx & audio support for Amos Professional is not stopped and will, in a near future (I hope) be release for both Grimoire, then Amos Professional Unity.

If you want to know more about the Grimoire Project, feel free to visit the official home page here :

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