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Amos Professional ’Personal Unity’ [SpecialFX] extension

Tuesday 1 February 2022, by AmiDARK

Personal Unity extension is the replacement of the old AmosPro_Personal.lib that was developed in the pas for original Amos Professional.

It’s a brand new version of the library/extension/plugin that will allow, theorically everything that was available in the previous version, and more will come too with the new capabilities available in Amos Professional Unity that weren’t possible nor available in Amos Professional 2.0 classic/original version.

Currently, the plugin offer some commands that concern ntsc/pal display mode, some commands for fire buttons.

A new bank system is also available, the "Memblocks". This system is highly inspired from DarkBASIC v1 / DarkBASIC Professional Memblocks system and is 100% memory safe use. You cannot read or write outside of memblocks.

Amos Professional Unity - Memlocks bank
Amos Professional Unity - Personal Unity Plugin/Extension Memblock memory bank

It also offer a new AGA specific feature called "Sprite playfield". It uses the Amos Profesisonal Sprite combination system, linked to Sprite Width defined (16,32 or 64 pixels wide) to create a large playfield that is repeated and static in screen background. When used with dual playfield, it allow Amos Professional Unity to offer gorgeous 3 playfield. Something that was not possible in original Amos Professional 2.0.

Amos Professional Unity - AGA Sprite combination
Sprites combination using 64 pixels wide and 16 color depth displayed. This view uses only Sprite 0 & 1 to repeat the sprite 5 times on screen.

Here is a small screen capture of the Sprite Playfield system in action :

Amos Professional Unity - Personal Lib Unity Version
Here is a small screen capture of the Sprite Playfield system running with a 2x16 colors dual playfield screen

Here is the list of the commands currently available in the Amos Professional Unity - Personal Unity library/extension :

The of the plugin is available here :

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